H4 35W (6000k) Performance HID Complete Kit - P6635-0003


H4 35W (6000k) Performance HID Complete Kit - P6635-0003

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Title:H4 35W (6000k) Performance HID Complete Kit
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Visibility is the most important safety feature to the driver. That is why majority of the accidents occur at night or in poor weather conditions. XENON HID technology is the newest revolution in Automotive Lighting industry. Using XENON gas instead of traditional filament structures, XENON's put more light onto the road, increasing visibility and safety.

More than 450% light output* = Driving confidence.

Utilising xenon gas instead of traditional filament , GE xenon burners produce 4.5 times the light output compared with ordinary halogen replacements. GE Xenons also uses 10% less power and operates cooler, prolonging headlamp reflector life. Light emitted is both intense and pure. Studies have shown that better lighting not only improves visibility but also stimulates concentration.

Xenon High Intensity discharge bulbs increase visible area in front of the driver by up to 50%. Vision is also improved within the illumination area because human vision response to the whiter, daylight colour of the light xenon bulbs produce.
*Comparisons made between a 35W HID bulb and 55W standard halogen bulb @ 14.4 volts.
Poor visibility is a major cause of accidents. Superior lighting acts as an active safety feature that increases the driver’s field of vision at night and in poor weather conditions.
By replacing the traditional filament with a xenon discharge chamber, GE xenon burners have no moving parts, thus reducing wear from ordinary driving vibrations. Compared with standard halogens, GE xenons lasts up to 10 times longer with no decrease in performance. Unique ballast design allow for stable operation with almost no warm up time. GE xenons will produce 100% output within 2 seconds of been turned on. All hardware is water proof and is designed for easy Plug n Play installation. You will never have to change your bulbs again!
The white/ blue light of GE xenons is created by the colour temperature of the light. Standard halogens produce yellow light at 3200K while GE xenons appear white/blue with colour temperature options from 4300K to 9000K. Light within this colour temp range optimizes reflection from road signs and surfaces and give off that distinctive Xenon look.
  • 2 x 35W High Performance Mini Ballasts
  • 2 x 35W HID bulbs
  • Interconnecting wiring harness
  • 1 x Installation guide 
  • Please Note: GEXENON HID kits are for OFF ROAD & SHOW VEHICLE USE ONLY and do not comply with ADRs.

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