Touring 600 - P0103-0023


Touring 600 - P0103-0023

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Title:Touring 600


UPDATE: The Touring 700HD features a 7 inch screen which is larger in size compared with the Touring 600. Find out more.

The Touring 600 features the largest screen of any 4x4 GPS on the market, at a whopping 6” inches, yet it’s 25% slimmer compared to the Touring 500S. Not only is the screen larger, it is also much more visible in sunlight thanks to an improved anti reflective coating.

6” (152.4mm) anti glare display

The Touring 600 is now the largest off road GPS device on the market, with the screens added inch and the improved anti glare screen you can navigate in confidence with such an easy to see display.

Street Navigation

The Street navigation software is state of the art with the absolute latest features. Utilising the latest Where IS mapping for Australia, its fast & accurate. Operated via touch screen, the software is intuitive & easy to use. A few taps is all that’s required while navigating to any address in Australia! Voice commands with spoken street names will guide you on every turn while speed, red light camera and school zone alerts keep you safe. 

Easy to use 4x4 software

Tired of spending hours learning how to operate off road software? We know that you would rather be out there enjoying the outback instead of being frustrated with the GPS system. Our solution is VMS Off-Road, an easy to use off road software that has been designed from the ground up to be easy to operate. Just 5 mins and you'll be familiar with most of its function.

Touchscreen Display

Easily navigate through all the Touring 600's functions using the built in touchscreen. Easy to use and quick to respond.


Reversing Camera

With optional cameras fitted, the Touring 600 automatically displays the camera image when reverse gear is selected. There is also a dual camera kit available for a trailer or caravan. 
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Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery

The Touring 600 now has even more life, with it's embedded Lithium Polymen rechargable battery. Get up to 5 hours charge* and recharge on the go with the included USB cable, 12V car and 240V wall charger.

2GB on board memory (pre loaded with Street Nav)

By preloading the Street navigation on the internal memory of the Touring 600, this gives you the flexibility to upgrade your sd cards memory size without having license restriction.


4GB SD card (pre loaded with off road maps)

The Touring 600 comes preloaded with a 4GB SD card packed with maps and off road software. The included SD card can easily be used to transfer your data to and from your local PC and back again to your Touring 600.


64 channel high sensitivity GPS receiver

The GPS Chipset has been upgraded, this time with 32 more channels then last time. This means less time waiting to aquire your gps position, and more time enjoying your trip.