WiFi reversing camera
3DX Wireless Reversing Camera (WiFi) P5501-0025
Wifi reversing camera box for 3DX

VMS 4x4

3DX Wireless Reversing Camera (WiFi) P5501-0025

Sale price$199.00 AUD

This camera is designed to work with our flagship portable offroad GPS unit - 3DX. This product uses WiFi technology to establish a connection with the 3DX unit, and show you the view from the camera in real time.

You only need to setup / connect the device to the camera once and you are good to go.

This helps the driver to be aware of their surroundings, such as walls, other vehicles and obstructions, uneven terrain etc while reversing their vehicle.

Please note:

  • Intended use for vehicle mounting only
  • To optimise the WiFi connection between 3DX and the WiFi camera, it is recommended that the 3DX WiFi connection is set up to only connect to the camera's WiFi connection.
  • The power wire (red) for the camera needs to be always powered on when car is on (could be connected to accessory power to avoid draining the main battery) and trigger wire (yellow) can be connected to reverse backing light.
  • VMS recommends that this device is installed professionally by a qualified auto-electrician. VMS is not liable for any damage caused as a result of the installation.
  • Post installation, it is essential to note that the device uses WiFi technology for its connection and connection strength may vary depending on the distance and obstructions between the 3DX unit and the WiFi camera.
  • This device is designed specifically for vehicle use and performance with camper trailers/caravans may vary

Camera mounting considerations:

  • Test the camera positioning before permanently mounting it on the surface.
  • The higher the camera is positioned, the better the viewing angle.

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