Please don't delete VMS app's data in app settings under any circumstance.


A. If your unit is stuck on Loading maps screen and isn't fixed by restarting the unit.

Then you car try to clearing cache for the VMS 3DX app, steps are as follows:

1. Turn on the device

2. Go to the settings menu

3. Go to Apps & Notifications

4. Press See all apps

5. Find and select VMS 3DX app from the list

6. Go to storage and cache

7. Press Clear Cache option

8. Restart the VMS 3DX unit

A. To change the launcher to the default one or to get initial interface back, if it somehow got changed. Steps are as follows:

1. Go to settings (Android system settings menu)

2. Go to Apps & notifications

3. Go to Default apps

4. Press Home app

5. Select Launcher_WMX

A. Follow the following steps to fix the issue:

1. Copy all the card's contents in your computer (Very important if you do not follow this step, the card's contents will be lost when you proceed with the following steps)

2. Insert the card in your 3DX unit

3. Press on the notification that comes up saying SD card detected "Tap to fix ".

4. Set it up as a portable storage. (This step will format the card). Ensure that you have copied the cards contents before this step!

5. Insert the card in your computer again.

6. Create a folder in the SD card with the name "raster". ( Unless you copied the whole raster folder in the first step, in that case skip this step)

7. Copy all the card's content that you copied in first step back onto the card.

8. Now insert the SD card in your 3DX unit and follow the instructions that came with the letter to activate the maps.

Software Update

A. If Activation Fialed error comes up after opening 3D maps app, please contact us at 03 9017 5589 so we can help you activating the device and get the maps working again.

A. If there is an update available for your device, then a notification should pop up in your notification bar as Wireless Update available.

There is a chance your push notification may not come through, so to avoid that make sure you check the criteria below:

1. Battery should be above 30%

2. Device should be connected to a stable internet connection

3. Keep the device on for 10-15 minutes

A. Steps are as follows:

1. Go to Settings from the main menu

2. Scroll all the way down to About Phone and select it

3. Go to Wireless Update

4. Press Check for Updates

A. Check the following before starting the update process:

1. Check the devices battery is above 40% or is connected to a stable power source.

2. Device is connected to stable internet connection.

Steps are as follows:

1. Click on Wireless Update Notification

2. Press Download

3. Press Install now on the popup message

4. Press Install now on Update screen

5. Read the warning popup and press OK

6. Once the process is done, a popup message will appear stating the Installing Complete.

Raster maps

A. Whenever you are on a certain area on 3D maps, if there are any available maps for that area they will appear in form of a drop down menu on top center of the screen.

You can have multiple maps available for one area based on the scale (zoom level) or type of map overlay.



A. Please follow the steps below to change the navigation voice:
1. Go to settings from the main screen
2. Go to Accessibility
3. Go to Text-to-speech output
4. Select settings icon beside preferred engine ( Google text to speech engine)
5. Go to install voice data
6. Go to English (United States)
7. Download it if it is not already downloaded
7. Select 'Voice VI'
8. Go back to Text-to-Speech output
9. Select Language as English (United States)


A. This bug will be addressed in the upcoming update.

But if you need to use camera before the update, give us a call at 03 9017 5589 so we can guide you through the fix.

Screen Timeout

A. This depends on the screen timeout settings.

To change the screen timeout

1. In the main menu, select settings

2. Go to Display settings

3. Select Advanced to open more settings

4. Select Screen Timeout and change to the value that suits you.

Another settings to check in Screen Timeout setting in 3D maps app settings

To check that

1. In the main menu, select 3D Maps

2. Go to Menu settings (bottom left corner)

3. Select Settings

4. Make sure Screen Timeout setting is on When Using Battery

A. If you are on our JUNE 2022 or DEC 2022 update which has the wifi camera app icon on the homescreen, that might be the reason why since wifi camera needs the unit to be awake at all times to function seamlessly.

But in case you do not use the wifi camera, following are the steps to fix the issue:

1. Go to settings from the home screen

2. Search Apps in the search bar

3. Go to apps > All apps

4. Scroll down to W-car app & select it

5. Uninstall the W-car app.

If you face any issues during this process please feel free to contact us

Tracklogs & Waypoints

A. The steps are as follows:
1. Make sure all the old tracklogs or waypoint files are in gpx format
2. Copy them in the root folder of internal storage of 3DX unit
3. Go to 3D maps on the unit
4. Go to Tracklogs & Routes or Waypoints
5. Press the downward arrow button on rightmost end of the screen
6. Select Import GPX
7. The GPX files that were copied in the root folder will show there
8. Select the tracklog or waypoint file that you want to import
9. Select the tracks or waypoints you want on import screen
10. Select Import
11. Go to Tracklog & Routes or waypoint menu to view your imported data.

SD Card

A. Steps to set-up uyour SD card are as follows:

1. Insert the SD card in your 3DX
2. SD card set-up notifcation will come up
3. Press the set-up button
4. Select Portable Storage
5. Confirm
6. Same notification should say Explore instead of Set-up now