Q: What is the VMS philosophy?
V- Versatile, designed to be the easiest navigator on the market to use, with software that doesn't require the use of a stylus.

M- Mapping, with over 2700+ Maps from over 7 different publishers, our mission is to provide our user with the best maps available.

S- Service, to both our customer & dealers. With the relationship with over 250+ stores across Australia, you are not far from help!
Q: What is the difference between VMS & Hema?
A: You can add Hema maps to VMS for around $149. You can't add over 2700+ maps, VMS Off-Road, and a 1" larger screen for $149, in fact if it were available it would be well over $500 in product.
Q: What updates are included?
A: 5 Years of street updates are included free. VMS will also email customers with free updates for Off-Road maps when available.
Q: Does it come with Camps?
A: VMS have teamed up with "'On the Road magazine' to include over 800+ Free campsites that include facility information. Unlike Camps 6 or 7 whereby you are simply paying for advertising of paid campsites which are available on Google, these campsites are individually reviewed by on the road magazine personally.
Q: Does it tell you where to go when in off-road mode?
A: In street mode, you can enter a destination and the software will create a route for you. Our street navigation is powered by Navteq which includes the Hema 4WD tracks embedded in the Navteq data. These are not the Hema maps, but tracks. This will allow you to navigate off road tracks whilst still using the street navigation.
Q: Reverse camera? No worries!
A: Make it easy to park, hitch a trailer, or tow with the ability to add a VMS single or dual camera system.


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