VMS 700HDX units purchased between October 2019 and September 2020 may have an issue with the supplied 12 volt charger that may cause it to overheat and also damage the 700HDX unit.

Affected serial number batch is T700HDSC17908xxxxx (found on the silver barcode sticker on the rear of the casing).

If your unit has this batch serial number, please check on the end on the plug that inserts into the charge socket of the 700HDX unit, confirm if you see a mark "VAS", as depicted in the photo above.

If your plug does have the "VAS" mark, then your charger is from the new improved batch, and is unaffected by this alert - you may continue to use your charger normally.

If your plug does not have the "VAS" mark, please contact VMS support for a replacement charger to be sent to you. Please discontinue in using this charger.

Thank you for your time.