" I use VMS products because they are true, tried and tested reliable products, that just keep improving and growing with time. VMS, get  you to where you want to go."

Jim - Victoria, Australia.

"I love my VMS 500 Touring; from black top to red dirt, gets me where I want to go. It's the best out there, going for the 700HDs soon."

Linden - WA, Australia.

"There is  no other product that's worth using; vms is the best, plain and simple"

Rodger - Victoria, Australia.

" I use the 700HD, because it has Heaven and Hell mode. Street maps for the City (Hell) and Dirt Maps for the bush (Heaven). We could call it God"

Peter - Victoria, Australia.

"I have a 700HD it's one of my most prized accessories. It's an asset I never leave home with out. Picture quality is superb, especially when I hook it up to my reverse camera."

Michael - SA, Australia

"Reliable, accurate, idiot friendly and very simple to use"

Brendan - Victoria, Austraila.

"Excellent product and is top of my gadgets list."

Peter - Victoria, Australia

"Easy to use, easy on the eyes, user friendly and a good price. I tried to get myself lost and see if the VMS could get me home and it did. Great product"

Jayme - OLD, Australia