VMS Map Explorer is the world's first offline 4WD navigation app that uses real time 3D topographical maps and the best value 4WD app out there!

View your exact GPS location on the stunning 3D maps*. Navigate your way through the road/track network and easily determine your location in relation to mountains, valleys and other topographical features. Evaluate a track's gradient at a glance!

See and feel the terrain with the highest-resolution topographic data generated from NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission with 1 arc-second sampling (~30 meters).

Powered by Roam 3D, the app uses your iOS device's full graphics potential with 3D terrain and lighting effects rendered using openGL.

The app includes the VMS iTopo 3D map set, Vicmap, NSW topo map set, QLD topo map set and Westprint Heritage Collection map set for Australia wide coverage with the option to purchase and download other 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:100k maps from the built in Map Store. There are thousands of maps to choose from.

- Amazing 3D topographical maps
- Adjustable height exaggeration to enhance mountains
- Easily determine the elevation of any point of any map
- Record and share track logs
- Add waypoints at any point on a map, at your current location or by entering a coordinate
- Create routes that follow the 3D terrain
- Create routing directions leading to saved waypoints
- Import and export GPX files
- Points of Interest database: 1000 campsites around Australia with facilit details, descriptions, directions and available maps
- Search more than 180,000 Australia cities, towns, villages, regions and landmarks and find maps covering the searched location
- Intuitive gestures for rotating and tilting the 3D map
- Toggle between 2D and 3D mode

*Please note if you have a WiFi only iPod/iPad, an external GPS receiver must be used to track your location.


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What map sets do you get?

VMS is constantly updating and adding maps into the following map series and once you have purchased the map set, you are entitled to any future update or any future additional maps that will be included. Here are some map samples to show you how those map series look like.


iTOPO Maps Series (comes free with the App)




VicTopo & VicMaps Series (including High Country Maps which come free with the App)



NSW Topo Series (comes free with the App)



QLD Topo Series (comes free with the App)



 Westprint Heritage Collection Map Series (comes free with the App)



WA Topo Series (In- App Purchase: $69.99)