Physical size & performance

Display size, WxH:

    6.5 inch diagonal / (5.67 x 3.09 inches)

Display type:

    Colour TFT Touchscreen

Display resolution, WxH:

    800 x 480 pixels

Unit Dimensions, WxHxD:

    Standard Double Din


Build-in memory:

    Solid state flash memory (not user accessable)

Accepts data cards:

    Micro SD and Micro SDHC Class 10 (up to 16GB)

Street navigation

Spoken street names (e.g. "Turn right on FLINDERS ST in 100 mts."):


Voice prompts (e.g. "Turn right in 100 metres".):


Automatic routing:


Door to door navigation (i.e Including house number):


Lane guidance (provides info on the proper lane for navigation):


Speed camera warnings (fixed locations):


Redlight camera warning (fix locations):


Over speed warning (i.e warn when speeding):


 3-D landmarks (displays buildings in 3-D):


Route optimisation (provides most direct route):


Auto re-route (fast off-route and detour recalculation):


 Choice of route setup   (faster time, shorter distance, etc):


Route avoidance (avoid highways, tolls etc.):


QWERTY or ABC keyboard (choose keyboard layout):


Points of interests (e.g. Hospitals, Restrants, Hotels etc):


Map data provider:

    Where IS, powered by iGO8

Reverse camera interface

Reverse Camera input interface:

    1 x Standard RCA Video IN (NTSC)

Automatically display reverse camera image:

    Yes, when reverse gear is selected

Support for 2 reverse cameras:

    Yes, with VMS dual camera kit (Part No. P0501-0002N)

DVD playback

DVD loader:

    Yes - single disc

Compatible disk size:

    12 cm disc only

Compatible disk type:

    CD / CD-R / CD-RW / DVD / DVD-R

divx playback:

    Yes - .avi format with divx codec

Electronic Skip protection:


mp3 playback:

    Yes - .mp3 & .wma file formats via Disk or USB Flash Device

iPOD interface

iPOD music playback:


iPOD charging:

    Yes, 4th Gen and newer                                                         inc iPhone





Artists / Albums / Playlist control:

    Yes, touchscreen operated

iPod Compatibility:

    iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPod nano 3rd gen. & newer, iPod touch 1st gen. & newer

Bluetooth Interface

FM Radio:

    Yes, 12 Presets

AM radio:

    Yes - 6 presets

Digital radio compatibility:


Reception and Quality:


Audio features

Internal amplification:

    4 x 50W @ 4ohm MOSFET

AV inputs:

    1 set if iPOD connectivity is not utilised

AV outputs:

    1 set for Dual Zone function


    5 - FL / FR / RL / RR / SUB

Audio EQ:

    Bass / Treble / Bal / Fade via Graphic visual display

Rear Entertainment & control:

    Yes, See Dual Zone section

Dual Zone Entertainment

Daul Zone Ready:

    Yes, send DVD A/V to rear screen and         headphones while displaying Navigation & Radio/iPOD on the main system

Independent Control:

    Yes. Control DVD playback to the rear passengers independently to other functions

Rear Screen / Headphones:


Other Specifications
Off road GPS features (VMS Off Road)





Track log (bread crumb):

    5,000 points, 50

Seamless mapping scroll:


Optimised for touchscreen operation:

    Yes, does not require stylus to operate

Ease of use:

    9 out of 10

Moving map:


Find tracks and destinations:

    Yes, GeoScience Australia data

Live GPS location display:


PC software included:

Mac OS support:

Datum supported:


Location format:

    Decimal Degrees, Decimal Minutes, Deg Min Sec and Universal Transverse Mercator.

Preloaded 4x4 & topographic maps:

    Yes, Gregory's 4x4 touring maps, iTOPO 4x4 and Westprint Heritage raster maps. 

Gregory's map version:


iTOPO 4x4 Australia Raster Map scale:


iTOPO 4x4 Australia Raster Map coverage:

    All of Australia inc Tasmania

iTOPO 4x4 Australia Raster Map version:

    2009 Version 1.0



Off road GPS features (Memory Map)


    5.4.2 CE

PC software included:

    Yes, on DVD

Mac OS support:


Preloaded 4x4 & topographic maps:

    Gregory's 4WD touring maps and iTOPO 4x4 raster maps preloaded

Gregory s Map version:


 iTOPO 4x4 Australia Raster Map version:

    2009, version 1.0

off road GPS features (OziExplorer)


    Requires activation key which can be purchased through



Preloaded 4x4 & topographic maps:




Audio via vehicle speakers:

    Yes - all speakers

Microphone supplied:

    Yes, A pillar mounted

Touchscreen Control:


Call history access:

    Yes, via touchscreen

Auto pair phone at system start: