3DR : in-Dash offroad  gps
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3DR: Universal In-Dash Offroad GPS

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3D Vector maps for offroad and street GPS navigation

3D Vector map

See the terrain in 3D while offroading and evaluate any track's gradient at a glance!

CAMPS 11 Premium POIs and caravan park 6 : Access free camping sites, Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, Hotels, Motels & more


Access free camping sites, Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, Hotels, Motels & more with CAMPS11 and CARAVAN PARK 6 POIs.

Topographical and contour mapping overlay support available for VMS 3DX for better offroading experience.

Raster maps support

Install and overlay your favourite topographic raster maps over 3D terrain.

Single navigation mode to handle offroad navigation and street navigation needs together.

Single Navigation system

Single system that takes care of your both street and offroad navigation needs.

Better location accuracy as a result of in-build GPS using  multiple GNSS technolgies such as GLONASS, BeiDou

Better accuracy

Inbuilt GPS supports multiple GNSS technologies like GLONASS, BEIDOU to provide accurate location and offline navigation.

Apple Carplay and Android auto

Apple Carplay & Android Auto

Apple Carplay and wired Android Auto are supported by 3DR for seamless ease and interaction while driving


Radio (AM / FM)

Listen to your favourite radio stations wether it is for listeing to music/talk shows or tune into emeregency radio broadcast

Reverse Camera Support

Reverse Camera Support

Never be unsure of your surroundings, such as walls, other vehicles and obstructions, uneven terrain etc while reversing their vehicle.

4G Support

4G Support

Enjoy 4G speeds on your in-dash unit for music sreaming, video watch or just browsing with 4G SIM support.

The 3DR is designed to provide the best off-roading experience with functionality such as 3D Vector maps, tracklog recording, waypoints planting etc. It also comes with basic street navigation to provide user with directions to get out of the bush and back to the city/towns.

Current features include:

  • 1.5 Din head unit with 10" Easy to use touch screen (will fit Double din spaces)
  • Real-time 3D (Street and Offroad navigation)
  • 3D vector maps with elevation profile to guide you through any terrain
  • Offline support with the in-built GPS 
  • Preloaded CAMPS11 Premium POIs with Caravan Park 6
  • Display and overlay your favourite raster maps
  • Navigation assistance on bush tracks - Spoken turn by turn directions on any track. *
  • Track log (breadcrumb trail) recording
  • Wireless Apple Carplay and wired Android Auto support
  • Radio (AM/FM) support
  • Play store access for downloading apps (Some apps will need internet to run)
  • Steering wheel controls programming (Canbus vehicles require extra modules)
  • Two-finger hold feature to instantly see distance between two points
  • Reversing Camera support 
  • Traffic safety camera alerts NEW 

Provided the track is contiguous to the rest of the road network.

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