APRIL 2023 Update (3DX)

APRIL 2023 Update (3DX)

December 2022 3DX Update Reading APRIL 2023 Update (3DX) 3 minutes

We at VMS are always striving to provide the best experience to our customers.

We are aware that with our last December 2022 update few of our customers had have some issues, but we have fixed all those issues and have added some new features as well.

Before proceeding further please make sure to back up your data (tracklogs, waypoints and routes)

Backup Instructions

1. Go to waypoints in 3D maps menu. 3D maps menu

2. Press the downward arrow button on left side of the screen

3. Select Export GPX option

Export GPX

4. Select all the routes, tracklogs and waypoints you would like to be back up.

Selecting the backup files

5. You will see a confirmation that the backup is complete.

Backup complete

6. Connect the unit to your PC or laptop and go to downloads folder in internal storage.

7. Copy and save the file on your PC or laptop and then proceed to downloading and updating your device.

Download instructions

Please make sure you are on our December 2022 update and have working 3D maps  and already backed up your data.

1. Open 3D maps application

2. Press menu button on bottom left of the map screen

3. Go to settings menu

4. Select updates on from the list on left side of the screen

5. Press Check for Updates button

6. New app update will show up (V1.104), please press start downloading and then follow the prompts to install the application.


Dark Mode

New Dark Mode colour scheme is live now, this will help with the easier visibility and differentiation between different roads, streets, highways etc and basic natural feature colours have been fixed too.

dark mode 3dx

Australian GPS voice

An Australian voice can be used now for the GPS voice commands. Steps to change the voice are as follows:

1. Go to settings from home screen
2. Search and select Accessibility
3. Go to Text-to-speech output
4. Select settings icon beside preferred engine ( Google text to speech engine)
5. Go to install voice data
6. Go to English (Australia)
7. Download it if it is not already downloaded
7. Select 'Voice IV'
8. Go back to Text-to-Speech output
9. Select Language as English (Australia)

POI Legend

Now you can access POI legend screen from either quick settings or from settings menu in 3D maps application so its easier for our user the understand the meaning of each POI symbols.

POI legends

Bug fixes and usability optimization

We are aware that DEC 2022 update caused errors on few units like

- Give red "undefined" errors

- Freeze on map screen

These issues have been addressed and fixed in this update.


Please feel free to contact us by emailing us at support@vms4x4.com if you have any further questions or concerns.



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