VMS 3DX portable offroad GPS

3DX guiding us through Thomson Dam

My first ever creek crossing experience during one of 4wd missions at Donnellys creek, Junction track & Sullivan track at Thomson Dam, Victoria, Australia.

Thomson Dam also known as Thomson reservoir or Lake Thomson is located about 170 km east of Melbourne in West Gippsland area in Victoria, Australia.

This might not be the most popular spot for 4WDing in the region but I can assure you it does have some gnarly tracks leading to creek crossings and more.

I recently got interested in 4WDing so I asked one of my mates to take me and this is one of his favorite spots. Obviously, I was riding shotgun during this trip and trust me, I'll do my best to take you through my experience. 

The rig we had for this mission was a Nissan Patrol Series 2 GU 2000 model. It recently got a liftkit upgrade too, so we were pretty keen to test it out.

We started off at Churchill, in Gippsland, Victoria. It took us about 1hr 30 minutes to get to the main reservoir and it was a sight to behold, it was so peaceful and felt so fresh and pictures don't do it justice.

Thomson Dam

VMS 3DX POV of Thomson Dam

Then we continued to cross the Thomson Dam and drove along Walhalla-woods point road. 

VMS 3DX portable offroad gps

Took a little breather to lower the air pressure in the tyres and off we went down the Sullivan Track. Thanks to 3DX we were able to see how steep the terrain was going to be, so we went a bit slower than usual considering it had rain previous night.

Air pressure lowering for 4wd

As we got to lower altitude parts of the track, we came across Donnellys Creek and we did a creek crossing, yes that's right, we drove through the creek to get to other side of the track i.e. Junction Track . This was my first creek crossing and I have to tell you that was on amazing experience.

Donolley creek

3DX POV of creek crossing

Creek crossing

Finally, we were able to find a good spot to stop enjoy the view and make some burgers, relax and unwind. 

Burgers at Sullivans track

After about an hour of relaxation, we headed back the same way we came.

The whole 4wd session took us about 3.5hr (inlcuding the 1hr break in middle).

I can positively say, there is nothing better than relaxing in the middle of the bush on Saturday afternoon with mates and just unwinding.