New 3D maps daytime colour scheme

New Day time map colour scheme

We have just released a new daytime map colour scheme for our 3D maps to make the overall feel more vibrant and crisp to allow for a better navigation experience.

Today we released a new daytime colour scheme for our 3D maps!

Based on some of the feedback we received, we wanted to revamp our colour scheme to make the map look more vibrant and crisp using different colours.

We do believe the new colour scheme is a subtle yet useful improvement in helping to make the streets and background more distinguishable and easier to read.


New map colour scheme

Old map colour scheme

New map colour scheme

Instructions to load the new colour scheme

1. Open 3D Maps app on your 3DX device
2. Press the menu button on bottom left (9-dots button)
3. Go to Settings menu
4. Press Update.
5. Press Check for updates, your last checked date and time will update to current time
6. Restart the app or unit and open 3D maps again.


New Dark Mode Colour Scheme coming soon, Stay Tuned !!